Sunday, 30 June 2013

Nobody's waiting

Set your timer. Write!

Monday, 17 June 2013

It's almost National Flash Fiction Day 2013

National Flash Fiction Day 2013 is approaching fast – only five more days! This year's anthology Scraps is out as an eBook already, the paperback version is out on the day itself, 22 June 2013.

If you want to join the fun with one of your stories, FlashFlood Magazine is open for submissions until 23:59 (BST) on Thursday. The only submission guideline is that stories must be no longer than 500 words. 

Want to submit but don't have a story yet? Well, that's what this blog is here for. Pick a writing prompt you like, or choose one at random and start writing. Don't worry too much about the story, just get the words down. Let it sit for a day, then come back, edit it to make sure you're saying what you wanted to say. Once you're happy, send it off, pick another prompt and start again.

Honeydew melon

Set your timer. Write!